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Someone who promised not to leave but then leaves anyway. And soon enough, he's got his arm 'round a brand new girl, and while you're picking up your heart he's been pickin' up her.
Hello Mr. Perfectly Fine, how's your heart after breaking mine?
by ConeyIslandGirl.xx June 07, 2021
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It's the season of looking back of wondering what would've happen if you took the road that was not taken. Or if you just stayed. If you didn't just escaped away from that little hometown.

And so it's also the season of regrets, when you finally realized that the heart you broke was your very own. And so now, you're missing his smile..
'Tis the damn season

"Tis the damn season, right this time." by Taylor Swift. Like the very season of losing someone, of missing someone, and of regretting..
by ConeyIslandGirl.xx June 13, 2021
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