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Stands for "Pam Beesley and Jim" - As seen on "The Office" (2007) Season Premiere.
PB & J are so cute together!
by Conexion September 27, 2007

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Short for Merriam-Webster, it is the online version of one of the best selling companies for dictionaries and other language guides.
I couldn't find my normal Merriam-Webster dictionary laying around, so I checked out m-w online!
by Conexion July 19, 2005

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As the word suggests, this describes how popular one is on the internet. E-Popularity is common in online forums and is based simply on how many posts you have and how many people (or fan girls) respect you. The higher your e-popularity is, the more likely you're going to win any argument... whether you're right or wrong. Also, if your e-popularity is high enough, you may even become a mod or assistant admin. Some people create websites and forums simply to increase their e-popularity. Most attempts turn out unsuccessful.
animeking: OMG, KoolKid203847 has e-popularity through the roof!

Watashi: Definitely, he's so cool, I say we make him a mod.

Taco4Lif3: I <3 KK!!111
by Conexion May 07, 2006

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