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The hiten mitsurugi ryu is a Ryu made by the 1st Seujiro Hiko to protect the weak from opression. It is a style that requires Shin Soku( God-like speed) and the will to live and nothing with guilt. The Amakakeru Ryu No hirameki is the succession technique.
The attacks from strongest to weakest.
Amakakeru Ryu No Hirameki
Kuzu Ryu Sen
Ryu Tsui sen Zan
So Ryu Sen
Ryu Kan Sen Kogarashi
Ryu Tsui sen
Ryu So sen Garami
Ryu So Sen
Ryu Kan Sen Arashi
Ryu Shou Sen
Ryu Kan Sen
Ryu Kan Sen Tsumuji
The Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu is taught by the Seuijiro Hiko's and is the ultimate style
by Comz May 01, 2004
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When your really confused or hit and act like kenshin himura.
Kenshin beats Saitou
Kaoru: Im sooo happy u won (Hugging him tightly)
by Comz May 01, 2004
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