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The act of harvesting honey from an overly retarded beehive with consisting of precisely 4 precincts ruled by ultra-communist leaders who immortalize Comrade Stalin. CRUSH CAPITALISM!
Master Pooptard was very superficucuriousantational in his attempts to convert the capitalist pigs to communist diviniation.
by Comrade Stalin February 02, 2004
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What I fuck constantly.
I did my hamster yesterday, Oh yeah and I'm gay and want to do your dad
by Comrade Stalin November 23, 2004
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The reason Canada's population is growing.
I'm a pansy and don't want to protect the country that has allowed me to live freely all my life, so I'm moving to Canada.
by Comrade Stalin February 17, 2005
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A very shallow and poorly plotted and written anime show on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim, whose simple, unyielding, unconvincing, not-at-all-creative storyline drags on for episode and episode, hoping to keep their fanbase happy by introducing all kinds of new and progressively stupider and lamer monsters (they call them demons, I call them Loony Toons Rejects) with even lamer fights that not only always have the same result but also are always fought the same way; if that doesn't work, then the Japanese schoolgirl parading around perpetually dressed in a miniskirt and Japanese schoolgirl uniform will always appease the sweaty, horny, rejects of the human race that watch this show religiously.

It follows the adventures of a Japanese schoolgirl, Kagome, who mysteriously falls down a well and even more mysteriously is magically transported to Feudal Japan. That makes sense.

This is the only show there a homicidal sword wielding demon and some whiney whorish Japanese schoolgirl can be the main characters. That's just how absurd this show is. Basically these two characters are trying to find shards of the Shikon jewel that, again, mysteriously shattered and, yet again, the pieces mysteriously redistributed themselves across the country and just happened to fall into the hands of random demons.

The incredibly shallow emotions of the characters and poorly written episodes makes this anime pathetic. Look! Instead of actually getting somewhere and forming a friendship, let's just stare at each other and go absolutely no where and do absolutely nothing exciting for 5 minutes while the characters say some poorly placed and poorly written line! And then, to keep the attention of the sweaty, bespectacled, Cheetoe-stained fingered teenagers who only watch the show to see some dim witted Japanese schoolgirl in a whorish and skimy school uniform shoot stuff with a bow and arrow, the characters go shoot things and chop stuff up with Inuyasha's huge ass sword. As you can see, this show is very poorly constructed.

Other characters come into play but are just as shallow as the others. Miroku, some misguided and perverted monk who follows a nameless and unknown God, likes to walk around and squeeze the ass of every girl he sees and tries to father the children of young girls. Then we have Shippo, a stupid fox like baby demon who never does anything greater than run around and scream and shout stupid cries with his insanely annoying voice. How annoying? Take the voice of that girl from Will and Grace with the high pitched voice that sounds like a baby crying and multiply the annoyingness factor by 100000000, and you have something close to Shippo. I sure hope he gets written out of the show. He's like the Jar Jar Binks of Inuyasha.

Even worse, this show's simple plot and simple method of gaining fans by parading some girl around in a miniskirt has managed to garner a significant base of total fanatics, willing to defend this pathetic excuse for a show to the grave. Most of them are either overweight or anorexically underweight and all of them love masturbating to manga and hentai into the endless hours of the night. And this is not an ignorant generalization as many of you would presume. This is a fact. And all of you people who oppose this - you oppose this only because it is the internet, where everybody is anonymous and we can't see for ourselves that you really do fit the above description. Come to my face and try to defend this show. You'll simply fall over and die in the shadow of reason, intelligence, and the true outlook of the morally affluent and normally human rest of the world.
Inuyasha is a poorly written and poorly plotted anime series with even worse, shallow characters. The show is completely uncreative and seems to be able to utilize the same tactics over and over, by using a powerful combination - bloodthristy, battling demons and a Japanese schoolgirl forever running around in a miniskirt - to "entertain" their fanatics. Far better shows include Cowboy Bebop, Futurama, Family Guy, and, any other show on this planet that we live on that is third from the star known as the sun in the Milky Way galaxy.
by Comrade Stalin July 08, 2004
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