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A band that started as a garage band, about two years ago, following The Jonas Brothers on their tour and playing outside their venues. A Disney scout spotted them and put them in the Next big thing competition. Even though they lost, they got signed to Hollywood Records, and appear on Disney Channel and MTV every so often. Despite popular belief; they are NOT a Disney band (even though that's how they got their start) and were a band WAY before Big Time Rush was even put together by Nickelodeon. Also, Unlike Big Time Rush, they write their own music, have deep voices, weren't put together, and don't have a comedy show because they are to busy working on new music and albums, rehearsing and playing concerts for their adoring fans, having USTREAMS and Stickams for their fans, and hanging out w/ their fans.

Zachary David Porter: lead vocals
Cameron Michael Quiseng(Key-Sang): bass
Michael Allen Martinez: drums
Nathan Sean Darmody: guitar/backup vocals
Dillon Anderson: (live member) piano/guitar

Past Members:
Benjamin Ross: piano/guitar
Tom Noriss: piano/guitar
1) BTR Fan: Allstar Weekend Only got signed by Disney so they could compete with Nick's latest success, Big Time Rush (Yes, copy BTR)
Anyone w/ common sense (and a brain): Actually, A-Dub was a band way before BTR existed.

2) friend: Why do you like Allstar Weekend?
Me: Because they are super sweet, down-to-earth, funny, adorable, have amazing music, actually play their instruments and sing on stage, have Meet 'n' Greets at every single concert, and love their fans.
by CommonSense5 May 21, 2011
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