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To "go off on one".... To rant aimlessly, or even aimfully but never stick to one topic.

When shiney new words, information and concepts distract you in conversations or in writing.

When you're interested in everything all at once.

Common to, but not specific to ADD or ADHD; but also personality.
Murph: "heeeey girl.... Do you remember that perfume we used to wear in high school? Gosh what was it called?!"

TangentGirl: "ooooh yeah! It was also called wild lagoon by Coty, the base note was vetiver essential oil, but did you know these other 20 perfumes we like have that same base note! Oh here's a recipe for making your own perfume, oh did you know that there's a word for having a fetish about smells, ooooh or that the guy who made that used to work for Chanel, oooh remember when we used to buy that other one too, oh or fake version of CK1, and then remember at prom the first dance song was Words by Boyzone... And I had curly hair.... Gosh.... don't you miss walks along the coast at night coming home from that nightclub without our shoes on?"

Murph: "...............”

TangentGirl: "Murph.....?”

Murph: "Um.... So it's called Wild Lagoon then?"

TangentGirl: "oh god no... That was just in Europe, it's called Monsoon by Coty"

Murph: "Mmmm-K.... Imma gunna go eat dinner now... Breakfast has gone cold"

by CombustibleTangents June 13, 2020
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