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term used to describe a person with behemoth penis.
also the term used to describe Colt Ward of Huntsville by every person in Mexico and other Hispanic parts of the world. On side note, in 2001 the Supreme Court denied Jacob Carr the rights to use this term as a nickname for his junk because they stated that he had "already made up too many falsifying descriptions of the penis in question."
Jacob: "Women say I have a giant penis."
Sex Hobbit: "I've seen your penis, and you're no El Grande."
by Colt W June 26, 2007
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Jizzlepoot occurs after a couple has butt sex. When the man finishes inside his partner in coitus, the receiver farts, resulting in a cum bubble.
Hey man, I know you watch VR porn. Have you seen that new one with the chick that likes to jizzlepoot? That bubble was the size of a light bulb!
by Colt W July 12, 2016
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Karate chop. 1. The angle of the chop suggests slanted eyes, 2. Karate is stereotypically all Asians ' martial art, 3. Classifying all Asians as Japanese
Peter stepped on my shoe so I caught him with a jap slap to the head.
by Colt W December 03, 2014
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