1 definition by Colt Justice

1. Bedside manner refers most often to the way a doctor interacts and communicates with patients. A doctor with a bedside manner is a good communicator, while one without a bedside manner may offend or may be overly abrupt with patients.
2. The ability of one to cope with the abrupt surprise the morning after interaction with a female, whom the night before appeared to be quite striking and statuesque, but now appears to be repugnant, uninviting, and reminiscent of snuffaluffagus.
1. Patient: The doctor spoke to me with such politeness and tact, his bedside manner is so welcoming.

2. Guy 1: When I rolled over the next morning after the whiskey had worn off, I had to bite my hand to keep from screaming and waking the slumbering beast that lay next to me.
Guy 2:Your bedside manner is impeccable
Guy 1: I know, I got dressed and got out of Dodge and half way to Texarkana before she stirred.
by Colt Justice July 29, 2011
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