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When you get screwed over by someone you think you know.

e.g. : When your friend asks your girlfriend out on a date behind your back

Alternative e.g. : when a client offers one of your employees a job without asking your permission first
1. I cant believe John just kontominated my girl friend. I am so going to fuck him up when i next see him

2. Jeez, i cant believe that Hugh from XYZ Corporation just kontominated Jill from our sales department. I so want to knee Hugh in the groin but XYZ Corp are big customers of ours!
by ColonelTessieIceBeaconThe2nd January 16, 2013
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The act of putting one or more glow sticks in your butt or pussy, usually as part of a sexual fetish, usually in the dark. Most likely to be used while dogging, at sex clubs and for public sex to attract voyeurs and additional participants.

Occasionally used as part of a drinking game, or drunken challenge.

Also known as a glowworm or beacon.
example 1 : "When I walk the dog in the wood at night, you sometimes come across people dogging, last night I spotted some fireflys - there were about 10 others watching them, I got really horny."

example 2 : "Last night at the sex club there were 3 female fireflys - using glow sticks as dildos!"

example 3 : "We were playing drinking games last night, and did a firefly race. Jeff, the fat bastard was so slow, the cops turned up and nearly caught him - imagine having to explain being naked with a glow stick jammed up your shitter to the fuzz"
by ColonelTessieIceBeaconThe2nd January 10, 2013
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When a person places one or more glow sticks in their arse, often for sexual pleasure or drunken amusement, in the dark. Often used as part of dogging / voyeurism / public sex to help guide would be suitors / voyeurs.

Also known as a firefly or beacon.
example 1 : "Jill went dogging last night, and did a glowworm, after 10 minutes she apparently had a queue of suitors and countless people watching in the shadows! She said it really got her off!"

example 2 : "man we were so pissed last night, we found a bunch of glow sticks and did a naked glowworm race down the street - the loser had to buy the next round"
by ColonelTessieIceBeaconThe2nd January 10, 2013
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