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when a couple is making whoopi.......and the stick(dick) is withdrawn too far (usually cause the guy thinks it is longer than it really is) and then misses going back in. Therefore, the dick stick has been bent.
Oh.....shit, I bent my whoopi stick..... man that hurts
by coffeecup February 18, 2012
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Ok, bottom line, being a nerd is not a good thing. A nerd is someone who is socially retarded. Nerds, Geeks and Dorks are all the same thing. They are always social rejects. To the average person who learned basic socialization patterns in fucking high school, they come across like they are physically or mentally retarded.

A male nerd comes across like a feminine chick. They are usually secretly gay or want to be a woman, or secretly identify with women. A nerd is usually at the maturity of someone who is around five to eight years old. They are usually extremely passive and passive aggressive. They blame the rest of society for their problems, that society is oppressing them, etc, when in reality, society is just treating them as a loser, because they are a loser. A woman will just taunt them and tease them, while a man will probably taunt, tease, and beat them up. As a result of being socially retarded, nerds develop a persecution complex, that they are somehow superior, and the rest of society is garbage, when in reality, it's the opposite.

No, you fucking idiot, you are the idiot, I doubt that slim, cute chick that laughs at you is considered a social reject. As a further result of being social rejects, nerds tend to hang out with other socially retarded people who pursue socially retarded topics that the average person does not give a fuck about. Things like elfs and wizards, and death metal, and science fiction. This is stuff that the average person stopped giving a fuck about at ten years old.

The main types of nerds are computer, book, metal, etc. A computer nerd tends to have extreme low intelligence. Like I said, a computer nerd comes across as someone who has the maturity of someone five to eight years old. You can be a computer user, but take a fucking bath and try to interact with the opposite sex, not act like are you in love with your fucking computer. The other thing is that as a result of getting their ass kicked by society, cute chicks, etc, nerds have developed the most shitty personalities I have ever seen. Most nerds come across as hostile, extreme assholes, lack of class, manners, basically the socialization patterns of a child in an adult.

Contrary to the media stereotype of a psychopath as a smooth badass, a psychopath is usually a nerd. They are distempered, fly in rages, have psychological issues, can't interact with the opposite sex. An example of this type of nerd is those two sick fucks that shot up their high school.
A nerd is someone who has severe psychological issues. Examples are people who act like tough guys on the internet, are extreme assholes or extreme crybabies.

All the above is considered common knowledge by the normal people of society. But because this is on the internet, a nerd is going to read this and disagree with it, because as I said, nerds have a persecution, inferiority complex.
by CoffeeCup August 15, 2006
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