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Basically the whole Phoenix, Arizona area.
Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa, Scottsdale, Chandler, Glendale, and many more towns are in the "Valley of the Sun".
by Cody K August 08, 2005

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Technically another one of the many suburb towns of Phoenix, but often considered just a part of Scottsdale. You know you're in Scottsdale Scottsdale and not Paradise Valley Scottsdale when 90% of the people around you are wearing Abercrombie and it costs $31 for Unplugged In New York].
The Confusion:

I have a Scottsdale mailing address. I go to the Paradise Valley school district. The Paradise Valley Mall has Phoenix mailing addresses.
by Cody K August 07, 2005

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An overplayed SOAD song that honestly isn't that great. But hearing something 400 times will make you like it. Thanks a bunch MTV. *finger*

"Yeah. It's okay. I really like "Sad Statue", and some of the older ones like "Know"."

"Wtf i never herd of dem dey wernt on MTV I dun like tehm."
by Cody K August 07, 2005

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The kind of people you see lots of at the Fashion Square Mall who sometimes walk up to people like me (the "loser" with the Nirvana jacket and frizzy hair) and ask for a dollar, expecting me to give one to them because I'm supposed to be so attracted to them in their slutty $150 Abercrombie shirts.
Me: Friggen' soda machine... c'mon man...

*group of preps walks up*

Prep: Hey like, can I have a dollar?

Me: Uh... why?

Prep: Because I uh like want a dollar, I'll be sad if I can't get one

Me: *laughs* I don't give a shit *walks away*

Preps: *giggling* What a dork

Me: I hate preps. You're all brainwashed. *flips off*
by Cody K August 07, 2005

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Group put together by corporate assholes cashing in on 8-12 year old girls' tastes in music, dancing, and "omg lyk cute boiz". Sign of the decline of music, and the apocolypse.

See also: N*Sync, MTV, Prep
Corporate Guy: Okay. You, you, you and you. You're in my group. You're my fucking puppets. You're called the Backstreet Boys. You're going to sing, look cute, and dance, and we're going to make alot of money.

Backstreet Boys: Okay dude.
by Cody K August 08, 2005

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