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1) Adjective for a homosexual man.

2) In a happy mood.

Never insult someone for being gay. It is their choice of life, and it is like insulting someone because they're black, or they're an aethist. Insulting someone because of this is quite similar to racism.

Synonyms: Homosexual, lesbian (used with females).

Antonyms: Straight.
Adam: Hey, there's a gay couple over there.
Tim: Wow.
Tim: *Shouting* GET A ROOM, FAGGOTS!
*After a minute of violence*
Adam: No officer, I did not witness Tim's death.
by CloudChaser July 31, 2012
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A talented boy; though he chooses to create bullshit-level music, and does it only for money, fame and girls.

tl;dr: Douche
John: Damnit, turn the radio off. Justin Bieber is coming up next.
Adam: Okay, okay.
*Turns the radio off*
by CloudChaser August 01, 2012
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