26 definition by Clinton Sounds

The act of passing one turd from the anus of one individual to another anus of an individual, achieved with care, patience and lubrication. First witnessed in the German Porno film 'Choc Horror'.
I watched as the two lesbians engaged in brown docking, slowly, one girl strained to expel her turd whilst the other girl, the receiver, relaxed her anal sphincter muscles and received the turd completely into her own rectum.
by Clinton Sounds February 01, 2004

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Another name for the penis. Made famous by the late Peter Cook's 'Here Comes the Judge' speech.

Also a name given to the public houses and bars frequented by gay clientele.
Horace said to Walter, 'I would like to suck on your pink oboe'.

Walter suggested they both go to the pink oboe for a Campari and soda.
by Clinton Sounds February 01, 2004

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Sanitary Napkins, used by women during menstruation. These of are often disposed of into a container next to the water closet, they are often fall into the hands of a pedal bin vampire.
Sandra applied the jam rag to her vulva, since her menstrual flow was heavy, and chewy bits were abundant.
by Clinton Sounds February 04, 2004

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A Cunty Brown Dock is a rare sight even on hardcore scat movies. It involves a man or woman expelling a turd from his/her anus into the vagina of a receiving participant lady. Brown Docking is a more hygenic sexual practise and more commonly observed in scat movies. The Cunty Brown Dock is less favoured owing to the extreme hygienic implications. A turd being a bacterial mass of shit which can be the route cause of infection and disease.
Female scat porn stars receive as much as U.S.$5000 for allowing a turd to be passed directly into (their) vagina.
Sandra who was working as a scat porn star in Las Vegas, was deeply in debt to drug dealers, so she decided that evening to take a Cunty Brown Dock. She realised the risks, but had bought a large vaginal douche for use afterwards to wash out the steaming shit from her vagina.
by Clinton Sounds April 06, 2005

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A name given to the sexual activities of golden showers and brown showers.
I posted an advert in the sex contact magazine for a women into yellow and brown.
by Clinton Sounds February 01, 2004

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This is the unpleasant term, first used by 'Loaded' a U.K. 'lads' magazine to describe death by fisting. Its roots lie in the case of a young man Stuart Lubbock who was fisted to death at a poolside drugs and sex party hosted by the U.K. television celebrity michael barrymore.

It is at this drugs and sex, poolside party, that michael barrymore and his perverted chums took the naieve stuart lubbock into a private bedroom, and fisted him to death. The medical pathologist recorded 'serious anal and rectal injuries'. Yet michael barrymore was aquitted and 'death by misadventure' was recorded.
It is particularly awful way to die: being kidnapped by gay men and 'lubbocked' to death.
by clinton sounds April 19, 2005

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This being a sandwich that has been jizzed over and offered an unsuspecting victim. The recipient can be either sex, and someone who the donor secretly dislikes.
I got my revenge against Sandra by offering her a spunk sandwich, which she ate unwittingly. Inside my head, I bubbled with a mixture of pride and guilt, keeping this sordid fact to myself for the time being, yet surely to reveal to her at a later date.
by Clinton Sounds February 01, 2004

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