3 definitions by Claustrophobic Teletubby.

Taken off the New Zealand slang word "egg", an Eggwin can refer to someone who is being an annoying idiot,
it can also mean someone who is very smart and annoying by using his/her/their intelligence against people with lower Intelligence.
Example 1
Person 1: Bro stop your being such an eggwin
Person 2: Nah bro you're just dumb

Example 2
Person 1: Bro stop being dumb you absolute eggwin
Person 2: Drrrrrrrr
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Either when someone is making you horny or you think that someone is really nice
That 5yr is Wosamatoo
by Claustrophobic Teletubby. July 15, 2022
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This word was forged by the ancient Gods of Social Media (Prob some guy on Twitter) This word can counter any insult or phrase. It is can be used to evaporate any innocent 10-year-old having the urge to post cringy things on social media. (It is mostly used randomly)
Person 1: Bro my dog died
Person 2: Ratio
*Explosion Noises*

Vegan: Cows should be treated better than humans
Chad: Ratio
(The vegan was sent to the depts of hell)
by Claustrophobic Teletubby. July 19, 2022
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