4 definitions by Cipe11

He is an over confident man who is still good at what he does but at nothing else
Ronaldo scores
by Cipe11 December 8, 2017
An amazingly good looking ,awesome,brown haired ,brown eyed,funny Irish guy. He is very intelligent,kind and a dream boyfriend. All the girls love him, he pleases them with ease. The boys want to be his mate and he is great at football. If you live near him, or go to his school,take this opportunity and be his friend, maybe his girlfriend if you are a girl. You would be so lucky.

I wish I was Cian, all the girls like him and he is so funny and good looking!!! Maybe he will make a lot modelling money
Girl:Who is that?

Cian’s mate:That’s Cian.
Girl: I want to go out with him!!!
by Cipe11 December 8, 2017
This guy is kind of cool has a laugh and loves gaming. You chose well if you go out with him. He is clever. He likes people called Lucy.
by Cipe11 December 8, 2017
This is used when someone laughing that somepne got roasted/ burned/cremated
Bob is an idiot.

by Cipe11 December 8, 2017