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Puertorican slang for horny when referred to a woman. For a guy it would be bellaco. Other alteratons for the word are: bellacon/a(very horny)
Estoy bellaca
I'm horny
by Cici March 09, 2004

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Hit extremely hard / Beat up
I twatted the Ball

They really twatted him
by CiCi March 11, 2005

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Basically meaning that someone is suffering from a bad case of snarkiness.
Woah, bitch, don't give me none of that snarkanism.
by Cici December 04, 2003

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a nickname for quinn. (haha thas all i could think of)
Person: "Quinn!"
Quinnie: "It's QUINNIE YOU POOP!"
by Cici July 15, 2003

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Noun: One suffering from a superiority complex which manifests itself in aggressive encounters with combatant overtones in normal daily situations. Often slightly xenophobic, tendencies to blame ‘foreigns’ for any national disputes, dislikes the French on archaic principles, usually sexist hiding a fear of women. From the Latin ; Lexan – a failed military leader, and Xander – fear of ex-patriots.
"I never knew he was such a rynn, it must be his childhood, brought up in all those weird military bases"
by CiCi February 07, 2007

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when somwone is getting on your nerves and you want to insult the person wihtout been rude you say FYI.
fuck you idiot
by Cici March 10, 2004

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