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A derogatory term used for a man who is a pussy or in nicer terms, a wuss, sissy or coward.
Kate Winslet was explaining to David Letterman last week about the cold water they had to shoot in while doing "Titanic", and how Leonardo DiCaprio whined and moaned about the water being too cold. She called him "A big girl's blouse".
by Christiane March 18, 2004
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Term used when trying to get the attention of your "D-Ware" buddies
Bridget: Hey, X-tiane
Me: Yo, B-rad
by Christiane November 30, 2003
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1. Slang term for Delaware Township in New Jersey

2. Only area in New Jersey where the sport of "Cow-Tipping" is legal, and participated in regularly
When traveling through D-ware, be sure to stop by the general store to check out the local nightlife and social community. Bicyclists welcome! :)
by Christiane November 30, 2003
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