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A retarded homosexual so-called vampire who likes to feast on the entrails of little 12 year old virgin girls, then force feeds them his 'home-made" vampire shit. He is most likely to be found in the habitats of cold peninsula's located in China and North India. This homosexual vampire also likes to sneak into 5 year old boys rooms every night and rips of their undergrown penises and testiciles which he makes his special vampire 5 course meal "vampicles with sauce" (The sauce being the blood of a heterosexual male.)
Benefit fraud mother with 6 kids:
OMG have you read in The Times it says that another 5 year old boy has been raped and 5 12 year old girls who were having a sleepover were gagged and forced to what was thought to be the liver of a butch lesbian!

Man with job: STFU bitch how did you even afford the times newspaper besides if anyone had done that it would've been Edward Cullen now GTFO and make me a sandwich you japs eye.

A popular character according to many pubelescent teenage girls and boys, and including the rare heterosexual male aswell.
by Chris2k10 August 02, 2010
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