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When someone is excited about doing something with someone and then the person backs out at the last minute and does the same thing with someone else.
Usually performed by young dumb teenage girls.
boy: You wanna go swimming tomorrow?
girl: Hell yeah!
boy: Ok, tomorrow at 9
girl: Sweet, I can't wait!

next day...

boy: Are you ready to swim?
girl: Can't, I'm going to a pool party later tonight.
boy: You are such a Ditch Face Meagen!!!
by Chris Hunn June 18, 2006

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1. Short little man named Scott who speaks of his penis and/or balls every other conversation and wont last 5 minutes without referencing his penis and/or balls. Also among these tremendously annoying conversations "Scock" will portray are topics like his unbelievable sex stories and how he hasn't eaten in 3 days, while he is eating a tuna sandwich during the time of the conversations, mind you.

2. Most likely to be the employee who sucks the bosses dick.

Employee: Do I have to work with Scock today?

Manager: Yes, Chris, I'm sorry, but no one else could come in.

Employee: You could have brought in a chimpanzee or a rubber chicken, that would have been better!

Employee: I QUIT!

Manager: Bring in the Chimpanzee! Fuck, now I have to work with Scock and a chimpanzee, and listen to stories of an imaginary penis.

Manager: I'm going to go take a break...If I ain't back in 5 minutes, call 911
by Chris Hunn April 22, 2007

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