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A hereditary condition in which a person's fingers resemble that of a human penis. A person with penis fingers can be identified by large swollen fingers, usually red to purple in color. Prodtruting viens are also common resulting in severe sensitivity during erection. In more acute cases, frequent shedding of the fingernails may occur. Most diagnosed cases have occured in 30 day cycles, similiar to that of a woman's ovulation cycle. FMS, or "Finger Menstrual Syndrom" is the most frequent cause of car accidents in the United States today.
Shit, I got penis fingers.
by Chris Bruno December 12, 2003
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n. An establishment that provides temporary housing for homos. These shelters also serve as social hubs for homos enabling the exchange of homo ideas and homo blowjobs in an environment safeguarded from heteros. Perhaps originated from Middle English homosheltron, tight battle formation, from Old English homoscildtruma : homoscield, homoshield; see homoshield + homotruma, homotroop; see deru- in Indo-European Roots.]
Shit, I got caught coming out of the homoshelter this morning.
by Chris Bruno April 27, 2004
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