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When a person's booty stick out more than their tummy do. Usually used for females:
Ex. Damn Leo, check out that dime with tummy do.
by Chizzy1001 January 19, 2009

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A hunter is usually a male who engages in activities including, but not limited to:

A) Attepting to enter a longstanding relationship for whatever reason

B) Searching for married women to be sex partners

C) Looking for older women to court

Hunters are usually young males interested in milfs or girls already in relationships.


Second meaning: any person who traverses forest land for the purpose of finding wildlife and blowing them away. Mostly men, hunters are found mostly in the West and the South (of the United States).

Loser 1: Man, why does Charlie always get these college girls when he's a junior in high school?
Loser 2: I dunno man, he must be a damn good hunter.


Ugly girl: So, Trevor, do wanna go to a movie with me tomorrow night?
Trevor: Uhhhhhhh.. no.. I'm going.. hunting!
Ugly girl: Since when are you a hunter?
Trevor: Since tomorrow.

by Chizzy1001 January 19, 2009

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