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A name often given to penis of such emence proportions that it usually out grows the user. An Edward Powerhouse is named as such due to it's incredible manliness

More often used to state size of phalic objects than to insult somebody who is a massive dick.
My friend Nathan has an Edward Powerhouse!
by Chipmunkcheeks November 28, 2010

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1. A Sexual act, it involves receiving oral sex on the penis.
during oral sex the man pulls out, jizzes in the face of the performer, sprinkles his penis in cinammon and slaps the performer with his cinammon covered knob. this leaves the victim covered in a mix on cinammon and jizz.

it is known as the cinammon smile as if you do this and don't smile and laugh at the victim you have no soul.

2. that smile you get then a cinammon based treat really hits the spot... like a cinammon whirl or something... they are nice.
person 1 : i gave chris a cinammon smile last night!
person 2 : wonderful! what sort of tasty breaded treat was it?
person 1 : you misunderstood, he sucked me off, i came on him, sprinkled cinammon on my dick and hit him with it...
person 2 : oh...
by Chipmunkcheeks May 14, 2011

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