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A Chuan Baby is a visible enlargement of the stomach created by eating too much greasy Chinese food, usually from eating too many chuan (kabobs).

Almost exclusively used in China, popular among ex-pats.
Paul: Aw man, I can't believe we ate so much.
Wendy: Yeah, I've even got a chuan baby now.
by ChinaFish February 07, 2009

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The action of a woman takeng a man's recently ejaculated semen and rubbing it on her partner's face and then throwing ground hot pepper so it sticks to his face and creates a burning sensation in his mouth and nostrils.
Mike: Aw man, my girl gave me the wendy special last night.
Sam: Really? Why would you be into that?
Mike: What can I say? The burning sensation makes it all worthwhile.
by ChinaFish February 05, 2009

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