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When a guy slaps a girl across the face with his penis.
"Give me those cookies, or I'll chiliwhomp you!"
by Chiliwhomp January 18, 2006
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Having two monitors on your home PC and working on one monitor and being non-productive on the other. Business on one side, party on the other.
Boss: "Allan, are you watching porn instead of working?"
Allan: "It's cool boss, it's my computer mullet. Check it, email is over here!"
Boss: "Tight!"
by Chiliwhomp September 10, 2010
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When a person sticks their nose in between a man's penis and scrotum, therefore having a penis across their face and a scrotum on their lips and chin.
Tim logged on to Facebook after a night of drinking only to see a picture of Matt bunnocking him when he had passed out.
by Chiliwhomp March 12, 2009
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