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A japanese manga/anime. Edward and Alphonse both lost something important to them. Edward, being the bigger brother, lost his leg while performing a human transmutation for his dead mother, due to this failure, Alphonse, his little brother, lost his whole body. With Edward's last strength he gave up his arm and was able to cast his brother's soul into a suit of armor. After finding out that a human transmutation is "impossible," they've journeyed to find the Philospoher Stone. The philsopher stone is a rumor that has made every alchemist in the 16-17 century worked up on finding this stone. It is because it can, make you wealthier, longevity, bring the dead back, turn lead into gold, brings anything you desire. However, on their journey, they meet chimeras and homunculus.....
You cannot gain something without losing something. You have to present something with the equal value to gain the thing you desire. This is the code of equivalent trade in alchemy- An Actual Alchemy Code
by Chiichiko May 15, 2004

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