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1. Someone that uses race to avoid responsibility.
2. Someone that uses race to delegitimize a question or statement.
1. Manager -'Tyrone, I need you to mop up that mess.'
Race Baiter - 'It's because I'm black isn't it!?!? Why don't you ask Tommy?'
Manager - 'Because Tommy didn't drop the fries, you did. Next time you try to insinuate I'm a racist, your ass is fired.'

2. Person - 'Black people make up 10% of the population, yet they commit more than 50% of crimes. How do you explain that, Mr Sharpton?'
Race Baiter - 'White people make statistics, statistics are racist.'
by Chiefkyle September 23, 2014

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(1) A loose-fitting jacket for men, often of a heavy fabric and trimmed with braid, worn indoors, esp. as a lounging jacket.

(2) A man's evening jacket, often made of a fine fabric, elaborately trimmed, and usually worn at home.
Hugh Hefner wears a Smokers Jacket. Several hip-hop artists (like Nas) mention wearing this type of jacket in their songs.

by Chiefkyle January 05, 2009

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