3 definitions by Chief Esteben

A member or follower of the Tea Party movement who displays a lack of sophistication.
If that teabilly posts one more thing about Nazis or birth certificates, I'm going to unfriend him!
by Chief Esteben December 3, 2010
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For a female to pleasure herself sexually.
No, he stood me up, and my credit card is maxed out, so I'm just going to stay home and max off.
by Chief Esteben November 24, 2009
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Short for ultraconservative, people politically so conservative they don't dare show any sign of respect for a liberal or a Democrat. They generally subscribe to conspiracy theories and despise President Obama, and usually hold to other radical ideas, such as young-earth creationism, gay-bashing, or White supremacy.
Did you really expect to have a rational conversation with that ulcon? She thinks you can catch AIDS by letting gays get married!
by Chief Esteben December 3, 2010
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