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A terrible medical condition for those attending an anime convention.
It is usually caused by attendees when they've had more fun during the weekend than they usually have. This can also be caused by making friends that you can only see at cons, thus causing withdrawal and depression.
Symptoms of post-con depression may include: Lazyness, procrastination, withdrawal, whining, lack of interest, daydreaming, and soreness.
The only known remedy for post-con depression is to hang out with the friends met at the convention, or waiting for the next convention to come around. Sometimes working on cosplay or heavy planning will weaken the symptoms.
Maaaaan... Me and my friend just came back from MomoCon and we're suffering some post-con depression. We can't even do our schoolwork because of it!
by Chibi Ann March 19, 2007
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A Chinese Shaman from Shaman King.
His Spirit Ally is Bason.
One of Ren's most famous lines is "..I drink atleast 3 bottles of milk" while he also mentions that his country has 33 of a particular something.
Tao Ren Drinks 3 bottles of milk daily.
by Chibi Ann January 7, 2006
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