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A cigarette aimed at the young, black, or young wanting to be black population. It aims to kill them faster than those who smoke regular cigarettes because of additives like menthol and fiberglass filters.
Man, pass me that cancer stick.
You want the regular or the niggerport?
by ChevVetteC6 December 12, 2005
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Could mean just about anything you want it to mean. Usuauly a greeting like "what's up?" or an insult like "go fuck yourself" depending on context. In reality is the spanish translation of Wet Floor, but sounds like whatever you want it to sound like.
Friend 1: Hey, how's it going?
Friend 2: Piso Mojado man.

Enemy 1: Dick!
Enemy 2: Hey, Piso Mojado.
by ChevVetteC6 December 12, 2005
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1: A small animated plush toy known for its wobbling motions and incomprehensible babbling. Also known for the way they would tend to interact with each other when in pairs, becoming even more irritating.

2: Somebody so stoned their actions resemble those of a Furby, IE waddling, wobbling, babbling, blinking heavily, falling asleep. Like their battery-operated counterparts, human Furbies are more entertaining and annoying when in pairs.
1: My 3rd grade teacher yelled at me because the Furby I had in my backpack woke up and disturbed the class.

2: Jackie and Chris were so to'ed up last night they turned into Furbies! I wanted to kick both of them really hard.
by ChevVetteC6 September 14, 2007
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