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The gayest guy on earth.
Look at that homosexual, he's almost as gay as fire_seal. Well, not really.
by Chester Copperpot March 27, 2003
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Ugly girl who is consuming way too many hamburgers.
Look at that fleshface over there, she's gobbling down those grease burgers at a faster pace than I can shoot up. She is actually pretty cute...
by Chester Copperpot March 27, 2003
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Something with the exact same of amount of homosexuality to it as Fire_Seal
Sky_Seal is just as gay as Fire_Seal.
by Chester Copperpot May 01, 2003
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An expensive Swiss made watch.
Tag & Heuer
I just jacked this Tag off some yupee cracka!!!
by Chester Copperpot January 09, 2005
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(adjective) Unbalanced or unfair, especially in playground sports. If one team clearly has the better players, the teams would be considered smuck.
"No way, guys. These are smuck teams. Let's pick again."
by Chester Copperpot April 13, 2005
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