1 definition by Cheshire131

Noun: A person who likes a celebrity, band, tv show, book series, franchise, etc a lot. It can range from being obsessed in the way that gives them a bad reputation, or can just be someone who just wants to enjoy something with their friends. (Or alone. Either way is fine)

Verb: ‘To Fangirl’ To participate in the act of being a Fangirl/fanboy. This may include making fanfiction, making fanart, shipping or simping, or even just squealing over things. It varies greatly be how active you are in that ‘fandom’, or what skill sets you have, or other things.

Note: There are no rules for this. If you think of yourself as a Fangirl for something, you are. You do you. You don’t have to fulfill certain requirements, you just have to like something enough to...well...squeal over it (squealing out loud not required)
“A new season came out! Yesss! Oh. Excuse me, I’m a bit of a fangirl

Emmie is busy fangirling, so she can’t join the chat right now. A new video was just posted of her favorite celebrity.”

“Every Fangirl/fanboy loves it when their ship becomes canon.”
by Cheshire131 March 30, 2021