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The ultimate dickbag, or king of all doucheboxes. A sorry excuse for a man, who often can be found at 24 Hour Fitness with a fake tan and a jar of protein powder sticking out of his ass, grunting and gawking at the ladies to try to get the attention he apparently never got as a child.

Often passes around STD's and thinks he is the sexiest thing to ever strut around the mangina bars he hangs out at, combing the dance floor or bar area for younger broads who don't realize what a fucking loser he is quite yet because these younger chicks lack experience. Super dumbass, who spells shit wrong on his Facebook, and makes headlines or quotes on his page such as, "Keep it real,"or "This is why I'm hot," in addition to pictures of himself flexing.

Basically a disgrace to all men, metrosexual, overly-wrapped up in his own shit, and feels entitled to sex... and makes a big fucking deal about not getting enough sex...even though he sucks major ass in bed. Basically, he put the chick's legs over her head and sticks it in and fucking chills there, being all like, "Is this good for you, babe?" Constantly has to beat off because he sucks at life altogether. Constantly cheats on his dumbass, in-denial girlfriend, and uses words like, "sweetheart" to detract attention from his dirty fucking ballsack and unfaithful tendencies.
"I know the game. I've dated a lot of mediocre man cunt in my day."

"I really wanted to lift that pink, 5lb dumbbell in the dance studio at 24 hour Fitness, but that man cunt is in there humping a jar of protein powder."

"Just wanted to say, GO FUCK YOURSELF. You're a mediocre piece of man cunt...have fun with your sad life and big, gaping vagina."

"I really wanted to use the ab machine at 24 Hour Fitness, but that man cunt is too busy ass fucking himself all over it..."
by CheryltheShitShow July 26, 2009
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When a man fucks a woman from behind on the beach, then pulls out, dips his dick in the sand, and rams it in her ass. She then screams like a seagull.
"Man, that bitch thought we was gonna have lovey, dovey sex on the beach...I sure showed her with that fucking Screaming Seagull."
by CheryltheShitShow July 26, 2009
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