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A wonderful place to be where you can let all your dreams, fantasies, even sick perversions come true, no matter who you are.
CreepyboyAndrew: I'm in my happyplace
HotChickCathy: Thats nice
CreepyboyAndrew: Wanna join me?
HotChickCathy has signed off.
by Cherrykallista July 20, 2006
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A sexy man or woman who engages in political activities, but also knows how to party.
Sally: "Let's get wasted and go march for Gay Rights."
Steve: "Damn , you are such a civilhedonist. Wanna makeout?"
by Cherrykallista July 15, 2006
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A kick ass band which has neat songs such as "If I had a million dollars," and "Its all been done." They are incredibly adorable and awesome.
Ashley: I love Barenakedladies, they're so fuckin hot!
Samantha: Gross, you lesbian.
Ashley: LOL dumbass, they're a band, you retard.
by Cherrykallista July 15, 2006
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Awesome fantasy writer of such wonderful works as the Sandman series, "American Gods", "Stardust," and "Neverwhere." Also co-creater of the literary masterpiece "Good Omens," which almost also became the best movie in the world by the creaters of Monty Python, but was unfortunately turned down in an evil Hollywood hype fight.
Yo, Neil Gaiman is the most awesometastic writer of all time. J.K Rowling's got nothing on his shit!
by Cherrykallista July 15, 2006
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An experimental band who are crazy awesome and anarchistic. They raid against damn stupid copy right shit.
Dougin: Did you see that sweet video to "Christianity is stupid"?
Feebie: Yes, negativland is fuckin awesome.
by Cherrykallista July 15, 2006
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A beautiful town between lots of wilderness and bigger cities. There isn't much to do if you don't like outdoor activities or getting stoned or drunk. One of the tourist attractions is that it is next to Pittsburgh. Like its a big deal or something. Not everyone is a stupid redneck or an intoxicated clown. There are also very intelligent people who just want to live their lives and have fun, and not worry about being a party town, and would rather the tourists stayed away anyway.
Morgantown is a beautiful town if you don't count those half naked girls puking on the sidewalk with no shoes on when it it snowing.
by Cherrykallista July 15, 2006
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