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A straw you use to suck your own fanny (if you are a woman). A dickwad with a hole in it (if you are a man).
"My Laverick is blocked, I'm overflowing".
by Cherie Booth September 04, 2009

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Cloth, paper or hay placed at the base of the penis' urethra to ensure more penetrative ejaculation. The concept originated in the 1770s to increase the range of a cannon.
Customer: Hi, I need some dickwad.

Chemist: I'm afraid we only have hay in stock at the moment. Will that do?

Customer: That's fine. Do you have anything I can ram it down with?

Chemist: Anything thin enough will work. Why not try a Laverick? They are on offer at the moment. Buy one get another half price.

Customer: Ok, thanks. I'll do that.
by Cherie Booth September 06, 2009

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