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Never to be confused with roflcopter, this is a mighty fearsome beast. Unlike much of the dinosaurs during it's time, it did not go extinct because of the extraordinary spiffyness that practically radiates off of it. The massive helicopter blades that are attatched to it's head from birth are what gives it it's name and hXc predatorial powers. It's better than you. And you know it.
"Dude, so last night I saw this massive raptorcopter above my house!"

by Chelsea White May 03, 2008
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Possibly worse than Cullowhee, Sylva is a small town in North Carolina. It wont ever be mentioned or found on a map because it's full of mindless rednecks that are worse than you can even imagine. The nearest mall is over an hour away. All that's taught here is religion and racism, and if you want to escape, you pretty much have to do drugs, or be a nerd and spend your social life on the internet like me. Don't ever visit. You will regret it.

If you do decide to visit, make sure to bring plenty of firearms. I'd hate for you to lose your soul to this county of idiotic zombies. (:
"Have you heard of that place in North Carolina? I think it's called Sylva."

"No. . ."
by Chelsea White May 03, 2008
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