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This man killed John Fitzgerald Kennedy on November 22, 1963. There is a myth perpetuated that Oswald was just the fall guy. The myth originated the same way most conspiracy theories do. A power imbalance. How can a powerless nobody kill the most powerful man in the world? If it is possible for him to do it alone then the world is disordered. If he required help from others then the power imbalance is equalized and there is order in the world. Movies like JFK further perpetuate the myth. Once the myth is accepted by the majority, people like me get thumbed down. The reason why there isn't a conspiracy theory for John Hinckley, Jr. is because Reagan survived. "If Hinckley had powerful friends like Oswald he would have been successful," is the rationalization.
Joe Blow: But...his head went that way and the bullet....magic bullet!

Jane Doe: So you are a ballistics expert?

Joe Blow: Lee Harvey Oswald was a patsy!!!

Jane Doe: There is zero evidence that he actually was a patsy.
by Checkyourmate April 17, 2010
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