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Combining various items to make an object or concept that works, but not very efficiently. (Originating from novel Frankenstein by Shelley)

Most commonly a fashion term, refering to a stylist picking various pieces from a range of set outfits in a hurry, throwing them together, and creating an outfit that sort of works, but is largely wrong.
A: Hey M, the wheels on my suitcase just broke and I need to wheel this to the check in point.
M: No problem, with a thin sharp implement, make to central holes in these bottle lids, and use them as wheels.
A: Nice! Hey....They sort of work, but...they're a bit frankensteined

B:Wow, I like your outfit J, it's very contemporary.

H:I think it looks stupid.
J:I was in a hurry and was Frankensteining
by CheachOfIrony December 06, 2011

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