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A sexual Move in which the Woman/Man get There toes sucked while getting penetrated by a child that says Penis
I heard Cam got the Zandayyy Special Yesterday
by ChazzaLovesSalt February 20, 2020

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The Pit (Which Originated From Europe) Is a 5x5 Circle And is Roughly 50 Meters In Down.
It is often Said in Bold Letters to show its Importance.
It is Unknown When the Pit started but many presume it was at The Start of Human Civilization.
It had been passed down from generation to generation across Europe... It is Unexplained what it is used for
"Throw him into the Pit"
by ChazzaLovesSalt March 30, 2020

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In which, a child unleashes karate chops to your toes and ankle and then proceeds to suck them, The child is also known for selling feet pics

EG: Crafting Vegeto Feet pics
Give me the Zandayyy Foot massage Please

The Zandayyy Special gave Cam a boner
by ChazzaLovesSalt February 28, 2020

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