Take a picture of your foot and send it to old men/sugar daddy’s, for 1,000 dollars
Old man: hey sugar baby send feet pics for 1,000

Little girl: okay
*takes pictures of foot*
*gets 1000 dollars*
by Grjhc April 23, 2020
Something that can be easily had for $0 through Google images, but apparently some very stupid dimwitted men insist to pay a hundred dollars for it.

Thanks to these boneheads, ordinary high school/college girls are now turning themselves into thots that sell feet pics to gullible men. They are also making people with foot fetishes look bad. This generation has really taken on a new low.
Random e-girl: Selling feet pics, freshly pedicured to your liking, DM me for the deets and prices! 😜😏😏
Me: Oh pleas-
Random simp: I'LL TAKE TWO!!!!! 😍😍😍
Me: God dammit, I'm fucking dead.
by UwUltimateDoge April 22, 2021
a respectable form of currency amongst pathetic and lowlife men
Man: hey girl please send me some feet pics
Women: I’m calling the police incel
by Soupdope January 22, 2020
"I pay $1,000 a month for your Mum's sexy ass feet pics bro"
by iBangUrMomForFeetPics October 26, 2022
An anarcho-communist movement by women , mainly on Snapchat, also on Instagram stories, who have to show their feet for shoes or pedicures but are not willing to show the men watching said photos uncensored, without a fee.
*puts a heart over my pedi* no free feet pics!
by Water1111 April 11, 2022
Jim hopper feet pics is an internet meme where the actor David Harbour’s face is photoshopped onto a man’s feet pics, giving the illusion that it is indubitably Jim Hopper feet pics. The image was found on deviant art, of course, and it was later photoshopped with the word “ratio” above his head, indicating that some guy just got the shit ratio’d out of him, and the salt added to the wound was the magnificent Jim Hopper feet pics.
Guy 1: Yo, Mr. White, there’s this guy in the gmod backrooms saying “COFFEE AND CONTEMPLATION” with his feet out, I think it could be Jim Hopper feet pics.
Guy 2: Shut up, Guy 1, there’s no such thing as Jim Hopper feet pics
Kid named Jim Hopper feet pics: COFFEE AND CONTEMPLATION
guy 1 and guy 2: let’s show Jim Hopper feet pics our morbussy
by Johnny J Sins November 6, 2022
dude1: yo you heard its National Send Feet Pic Day?
Dude2: Yea expecting some soon!
by angel169681736182739 April 30, 2019