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Originally an initialism meaning "Council Housed and Violent", C.H.A.V, was used on social service reports warning officials of the nature of welfare criminals in council houses. With rising numbers of outlandish and farfetched cases of welfare criminality, the tabloid papers like; The Sun; The Daily Mail and the Daily Star adopted the initialism and formed it into a word to describe the "Chav" sub-culture that was rapidly developing around 2005 with more readily available Labour benefits. The word is less commonly used now as it quickly turned into an insult as the scope of the word was very small, stereotypically referring to people wearing Burberry clothing, so anyone not acutely fitting that generalisation would be offended so when the real chavs realised how it was being used they took offense and probably walked twenty yards away from the person who had called them a chav and loudly shouted an insult followed by a threat ( or vice-versa) to gain attention and recognition from fellow chavs that they were going to kick off. This scene could still be seen in the present in poor, village type places, or any place where their is a "big fish in a little pond" scenario. The modern "chav" still has links with some of the lazy and "chavish" mannerisms that the original word summarized, it has become an insult to the poor who wear fake clothing, smell, and are illegally claiming the dole because they are too fucking lazy to work.
Refer to the Jeremy Kyle show to see typical chavs broadcasting their lives so the general public can say "yeah I'm better than that scum"

1. C.H.A.V original

2. Chav - 2005-2006 (rough)
3. Chav insult 2006- present

1. Council Housed and Violent - meaning

2. A term to refer to a person who was young, wore lots of Burberry and Jewelry and started meaningless and random arguments with bystanders and unsuspecting citizens - noun
3. "your such a chav", "errrr look at that fucking chav", "you look like a chav dressing like that",
by ChavWhore June 29, 2010
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