3 definitions by Charltzy

The action of recording a show primarily involved in the broadcasting of banter, usually a radio show or podcast.
Let's bantercast at 8.00pm!
Are they bantercasting today?
I'm so tired, I bantercasted all night.
by Charltzy January 12, 2009
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A funny quote or word uttered by someone.
That was one hell of a banterism!
John is full of banterisms today!
That TV show is full of banterous banterisms!
by Charltzy January 12, 2009
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A art of taking a funny or stupid photograph, usually to show to friends on a blog or Facebook etc.
*Jim is a master in banterography, you see those hilarious pics on his blog!?

*Tom really needs to work on his banterography skills.
by Charltzy November 30, 2009
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