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A queen bee us usually one for life but starts during high school. She has a strange allure in that she believes she is popular and therefore others buy into this dream and become friends with her. She is usually pretty and intelligent and has a good social life.

Outsiders usually know the queen bee better than her lackies er I mean friends. She will often bitch about them behind their backs or play her friends off against each other for her own amusement. However even if the friend realises her cruelty she will often stay with the queen bee out of fear of being bullied and being cast into loserdom.

This leads the queenbee to have an extreme ego and a magnetic confidence so as she leaves high school she can continue her reign at college and later on into the workplace. Oh and because of her charming personality she will very often achieve a better job than you due to her charisma.

Relationship wise, she will have a long term boyfriend who worships the ground she walks on, she however will run her life as she pleases and merely sees him as another lackey.
Kayla is such a queen bee!
by Charlie12300000000000000 March 03, 2007

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