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The war that Trump started by killing an Iranian General. Trending on twitter just 2 days into the new year. Tiktokers and gen-z are highly hyped
Guy 1: It's 2020 lets hit the clubs
Guy 2: Sorry bro. Just got drafted. Ww3 was declared.
Guy 1: But Its the...second day into the decade. How..?
Guy 2: Trump bro
*Army knocks down door and forces guy 2 to join them.
by CharliD'amelio January 4, 2020
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A phrase used when someone has a bad take on a subject and were expecting some sort of approval/excitement. Generally used on social media. Similar to the phrase 'crickets'
Boy 1: Forget shower curtains imma use shower blinds! Girl 1: No one moved Girl 2: Crickets....
by CharliD'amelio October 26, 2020
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