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some call it the end, some call it the beginning.

1. I call it the time of my life when I am settled firmly in the ground, rotting and beginning to smell and occupying space that will inevitibly violated by desperate citizens of the future world who, fearful of the diminishing land mass of their landfills, unearth my shrunken corpse of bones and worms and hastily send me to a creamatorium. There, and only there will I be able to reak havoc on those retched, materialistic bastards by unleashing my virulent, miniscule dust cells into their children's sleeping nasal cavities.

2. Or, you could call it the end of life.
Death Death Death Death Death Death Death Death
by Chadwick Jones March 18, 2004

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a googleplex is a very very large number

see also google
my example was too short so....
by Chadwick Jones February 17, 2004

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