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When someone by the name of Dominick gets really drunk and starts tackling people and becomes beligerent at a party. A true Domzilla is not easily calmed and at times has to be physically shut down to protect fellow party-goers. Sometimes sounds like "RAWR" and "GRRR" are uttered as the Domzilla mingles with the crowd. Also known as a Domzukki.

Man- Dom sure pulled another Domzilla last night. We had to take him out front and hose him down just to get him to chill!
by Celeste Wernsman December 14, 2006

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verb: to do something utterly retarded. A special way of totally blowing it in a way that grabs the attention of others nearby.
noun: one who can't function without invoking disdain from those around them, a complete oaf.
Bob is such a junga- everytime he opens his mouth it's an adventure in stupidity.
by Celeste Wernsman December 06, 2006

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One who is the most astonishingly stupid among a group of people. Someone who draws attention to themselves by displaying their stupidity in public.
Frank was a real retardomungas last night at the club- apparently he THINKS he can really dance well.
by Celeste Wernsman December 04, 2006

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To be completely and utterly berated in a public fashion by someone in a position of authority. This usually occurs during a family function or party- mostly around the holidays. Potential offenses that can lead to being chached include drinking too much, disrespectful back- talk, or under age drinking.
I was drinking a beer when my Aunt decided to chach me. I didn't lay off the booze so my Uncle and Mom joined in on the chaching already in progress. Then my cousin hit me for disrespecting his mother. All the while, my Aunt continued to chach me- I was totally chachified!
by Celeste Wernsman December 29, 2006

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