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An amusing way to say you are a pervert, inspired by the common saying "Naughty is using the feather, perverted is using The Whole Chicken!"
"I like to use The Whole Chicken, if you know what I mean, wink wink, nudge nudge..."


"Man what a disappointment, this site is called The Whole Chicken yet it is only nude art and fetish reviews. They might use the whole chicken, but they don't seem to show it on there."


"So what about you hun, you use the feather or the whole chicken?"
by Cederic January 8, 2008
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When a coloured human steals your bike while you are going for a friendly ride.
Hey you there my dear fellow that nigga just stole my facking bike!

*music comes on 'nigga stole my bike' and everyone starts shooting each other and mario comes on and bell slaps the nigga
by Cederic December 30, 2008
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Means that you cant have babies in your bum bum. Firststarted by lily allen
person a: maybe you are pregnant

person b: probs not

person a: well how do you no?

person b: because no baby in the bum bum

person c: and now im guna bell slap you

darth vader: i am you bell end
by Cederic December 30, 2008
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