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Butt Puppets is a funny way to say you have to poop.
I have to go make butt puppets.

If you are going to go make butt puppets dont let the water splash you on you ass.
by CcreatorR April 26, 2004

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Spanish/American slang for Dog shit. Used to compare the taste or look of an object to dog shit.
This one looks like doggy dirt.
Taste like doggy dirt.
I have some doggy dirt on my shoe.
by CcreatorR April 26, 2004

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A generic term for something funny.

I originated from a delerious cook who's Father slaved him in the kitchen for days and days until all he could muter was "bazkozz" In truth ,I think he was simply looking for the tabasco sauce.
Did you wash your Baskozz this morning?

The Jesewits walked around all day with there baskozz hanging out.

Scambozz, Sausazz, Bisquizz , with Baskozz.
by CcreatorR June 15, 2004

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This is culinare slang for the layer of film that collects on food over time.

Originating from the southern sounding of the word Porage.
That tartar sauce has Poagulated.

Scrap the Poage off of that gravy its still good.
by CcreatorR April 26, 2004

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