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A generally painful experience that guys seem to think makes them intelligent...
Cass: I hate having my bra snapped!!! >.<

Random guy: *snaps bra*
by Casz October 10, 2009
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A DJ on radio1. Some people love his humor and tune in every morning to show this, some people hate his humor and feel the need to whine like babies to show this. Despite popular beleif Chris Moyles is not homophobic or sexist, many people are lead to beleive this by his attitude which is in fact an act, hear that? it's a joke: J-O-K-E.
Person1: Man, that fat cunt Chris Moyles is a total douche! I wish he wasn't on the radio so I didn't have to listen to him!

Person2: Dude, if you don't like him then don't listen, change the station.

Person1: yeah well I...uh...shit man why didn't I think of that?

NOTE: This scene was purely fictional; you can't shut them up that easily!
by Casz August 04, 2009
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