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Testicles. Used when one of the many other synonyms would be crude or impolite.
Oh! He took one right in the McGriddles!
by Casey Muratori March 18, 2006

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Doing something for fun that happens to coincide with your field of expertise. Similar to "geeking out", but at a heightened level of intensity because it engages both the work ethic and the recreational desires of the participants.
In the middle of the party, Cosmo and Marty pulled out a laptop and started furking on a computational fluid solver for optimizing mixed drinks.
by Casey Muratori September 29, 2005

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A combination of angst and rant. A spontaneous outpouring of emotionally-charged sentiment.

Most commonly found in a blog posting or email.
Heather lamented the futility of life in her latest angstrant.
by Casey Muratori April 01, 2005

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