2 definitions by Cartesian Dualism

Someone who is an exceptionally poor shot. Either in basketball, hockey, soccer, other sports or with firearms.

Used mockingly and sarcastically in reference to the game Brickout! in which the objective is to accurately shoot bricks in order to win.

The irony and humor here is that the person you are calling brickout is unable to aim.
Nice shot there brickout. Try to hit the backboard next time.
by Cartesian Dualism September 8, 2014
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A person with low self confidence that does not fair well in social situations. Someone who is perceived as soft, that won't stick up for themselves. Often easily intimidated and cowed into submission when met with direct conflict. A bitch or pussy.

An idiom that refers to the person in question as a type of "Chicken Nugget" to be devoured effortlessly by hungry, more dominant members of the social order.
Peter is a straight A student, but he often gets violently attacked and shoved into lockers by the football team because he is a chicken nugget scoon who won't do shit.
by Cartesian Dualism January 15, 2018
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